The First “Not Bad” Post

Posted on January 25, 2012


If you have Attention Deficit Disorder and you use your Googler machine to check out images associated with A.D.D., you may begin to feel a little sorry about yourself. You’ll see kids with crumbling emotions as they face blank pages of what’s presumably an unfinished homework assignment. You’ll see mountains of pills in all shapes and sizes. And you’ll see countless headshots of doctors specialized in treating the “debilitating” disorder.

I’m not a doctor. I didn’t finish college. Heck, I’ve never even stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. But I can tell you that having A.D.D. does not make you a bad person. Everyone has disabilities to overcome. Look at some of our most admired celebrities for example. Stevie Wonder has earned 22 Grammy Awards despite blindness. Megan Fox is widely considered as one of the hottest women on Earth despite having that stubby thumb thing. Tupac Shakur continues to produce new music despite being dead.

My name is Jeremy. I’m nearly 40 years old (<– WTF, when did that happen?) and I have “suffered” from A.D.D. for as long as I can remember. Yes, it’s hard to focus on one thing for any length of time. But on the bright side, it does result in knowledge a mile wide, if only an inch deep.

My site brings a lighter side to the disorder that affects millions of people, including myself. I will cover (link to) any newsworthy items that arise, as well as post personal experiences during the coping process. It may not always be on topic because, you know, I have A.D.D., but it will be enjoyable.

Welcome to A.D.D. ≠ B-A-D.

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