Level Up: Happy Action Theater

Posted on February 14, 2012


ADD, AD/HD, or neither, this “game” will entertain just about anyone. I say “just about anyone” because my 3-year-old was terrified. I guess it’s a little disturbing for a toddler to see his parents playfully submerge themselves in lava.

Introducing Happy Action Theater from the folks at Double Fine – It’s an interactive Kinect experience featuring 18 activities. Through the magic of your Xbox 360 and your ultramodern Kinect device, you can shoot fireworks from your hands, smash buildings, clone yourself, hang out in jelly, dance, have a snowball fight, feed some pigeons… the fun never stops. And thanks to the automatic Party Mode, the system will periodically rotate to another activity to keep everyone freshly entertained. There aren’t any frustrating button combinations to learn, no scores to beat, no levels to conquer, no Rated M for Mature warnings, it’s just purely good stuff.

Download it today at the Xbox Live Arcade.

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